Congratulations Catie

Congratulations to Catie Cappellin for successfully defending her MS thesis this summer! Catie worked on patterns among microbial populations and communities in the Dan and Smith River ecosystems in southside VA. Great job Catie!

New paper on salinity and microbial diversity

Congratulations to Ross Vander Vorste and our other co-authors on our new manuscript published in Freshwater Biology. The data suggest mining-induced salinization impacts on bacterial and macroinvertebrate alpha- and beta-diversity, but not fungal, in leaf decomposition communities. However, a link between these diversity changes and ecosystem function (decomposition rate) was not found, suggesting that taxonomic replacement may have maintained ecosystem function at these lower levels of salinization. The manuscript can be found here.

Presentation award for Sarah – again!

Deja Vu – Congratulations again to Sarah for her award in the Graduate Student Research Paper Presentation Competition at the national SSSA meeting last week in San Diego! She tied for first place within the Soil and Environmental Quality Division for her presentation about her results on antibiotic and manure impacts on soil microbial communities.

Sarah wins VA-ASM Presentation Award

Congratulations to Sarah Shawver for tying for first place in the graduate student oral presentation competition at the annual meeting for the VA Branch of ASM! Sarah presented her results from our SCARE experiments on antibiotic and manure impacts on soil microbial communities. She received a travel award that will help pay her way to SSSA in January!